Thursday, 2 July 2009

Reviews of Navigation...

"Engaging indie tweetronica debut
With a whiff of 'performance art project' about them, Alice Hubley and Adam Cresswell dress like Enid Blyton characters and play self-consciously cute retro-indie with a Krautrock slant. Over a bubbling analogue backdrop of Moogs, Korgs, Stylophones and Theremins, the duo croom pulse-pop lullabies like the cut-price Kraftwerk homage "Autovia" or the shiny yet wistful "Follow The Path".."

Uncut 3/5

"The lyrics may be tender, amusing, sometimes just silly, but ultimately there is always a stonking tune that takes you away to a special place – somewhere filled with fragile and tenders things, but which you want to dance around."
Narc 4/5

" will take a Herculean will to not be won over by ‘Autovia’ and its smooth, caressing vocals.
...‘Kasparov’; Which bridges the gap between James Yuill and New Order, in both sound and quality stakes, with ease and is undoubtedly one of the high points this LP has to offer... 'Navigation' isn’t going to cross over and blow people out of the water, sell millions and be left on everybody’s shelf, but those who do grab a copy will more than likely feel pretty pleased with themselves and play it half to death."

This Is Fake DIY 7/10

"We’ll start by saying a gorgeous record and a gorgeous debut full length to boot....Found cruise controlling pop’s ever expanding cosmos patrolling star crossed hand holding twee tweaked avenues, there’s a beautifully becoming symmetry about Martha and Arthur’s craft as it sweetly transposes the spacey and optimistic future echoes of Krautrock’s more cosmic inclines with the silken synth pop sensibilities of the 80’s that embellishes it with a disturbingly affectionate tug that’s both immediate and familiar and most importantly acutely chilled and sophisticated..."
Losing Today

"The secret of being a successful artist is, in my opinion, being instantly recognisable. So that by the time a song has been playing for less than a minute the listener knows who it is. Having a sound that is immediately your own, irrespective of influences or frailties therein. I think Arthur and Martha have cracked it... Female-fronted electronica with an unashamed glance back to Eighties beepy purveyors like OMD, Visage and New Order."

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