Tuesday, 19 May 2009

New Botcast and Competition!

Afternoon! Hope you are well and enjoying May, the robots enjoyed seeing the BBC Radiophonic Workshop at the weekend as well as the spectacular of Eurovision (we're still gutted that Ukraine didn't win!) and are looking off to jetting off on our jollys soon to soak up the sunshine! Fun times!

Happy Robots are pleased to announce the return of the Happy Robots Botcast (podcast for robots!). We thought this time we'd ask our friends to contribute mixes so first up we have none other than Monster Bobby to start the proceedings. In the coming months we'll also have mixes from Katsen, The Bridal Shop and Elika too.

Monster Bobby of course contributed an awesome track, 'Say F*ck Me' to our Botpop compilation which came out last year. He seems to be playing loads of shows at the moment, check his myspace for more details and go see!

The mix has none other than 106 (lordy!) tracks on it. To make things more fun we're running a competition, the person that can name the most tracks on the mix will get a prize bought back from the robots from sunny California (and probably some cds and stuff we have lying about too). Please email your entries to info(at)happyrobots.co.uk with the subject "Botting all over the world"

As people have been asking us about this I thought it best to announce that we're planning on doing a repress of the Botpop compilation cd, we should receive the new cds in a month or so so hang tight! The stunning Arthur and Martha album, 'Navigation' will now be released on the 6th July however we do have copies to sell ourselves now, pick it up from the Botshop now.

You can listen to the mix in the player on this page and download it from here (right click link to download the mp3).

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